The most beautiful flowers in the world for me. They always look so pretty and unbelievably white.
Saw these yesterday and had to stop and take a picture straight away.


A Good Day To Die Hard – Die Hard 5

A Good Day To Die Hard – Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney

I went to see the new Die Hard film last night with my family. Wow, it was amazing. I love all of the Die Hard and this has to be the best. At first you don’t know who’s good and who’s bad but that’s what makes it good. John McClane’s (Bruce Willis) son in this is called Jack (Jai Courtney) and he is GORGEOUS!!! Everyone go and see it it’s really good.


Ed Sheeran

One of the most famous and most popular singer/songwriters of this day and age has to be Ed Sheeran. He looks so confident when he walks on stage in his casual clothes and performs every time like it’s his last. I don’t know anyone who has never heard of him before. Most people loves him and his songs, to me the lyrics say so much and you can imagine what he’s feeling when he sings. Is this just my opinion or does everyone else agree with me? ❤ xxxImage


Rihanna – Diamonds

Out of all of Rihanna’s song’s Diamonds is my favourite and I think it’s a really pretty song. Did anyone see her on X Factor UK? It was an amazing performance. Comment please on what you think ❤

End of the 30 Day Challenge

I found out that me doing a challenge is never gonna work so from now I’m just gonna post things when I feel like it. I’m sorry to anyone who has been waiting for me to post new things everyday but with school work and life in general it just isn’t working 😦 ❤